Michelle Tyson has been empowering people through counseling for over 20 years. Now, as a private practice counselor, Michelle works with individuals as well as with couples experiencing distress due to relationship issues, addictions, depression, anxiety, self esteem issues, grief and loss, and workplace stress.

You will find a caring and compassionate therapist to journey with you as you address the problems and issues that are keeping you from a more fulfilling life. Michelle collaborates with her clients – together deciding what will be the focus of therapy and when appropriate, educating clients on the type of theories implemented as well as providing education on effective strategies to manage symptoms impacting the client’s peace of mind and well-being.

Michelle has office space in two metro Denver area locations: Arvada, Colorado, and Aurora, Colorado. This allows ease and convenience for Michelle’s clients seeking services.

Please call 720-233-1126 to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your issue and experience the support that Michelle is well known for.