Addiction Recovery Counseling

Michelle works with clients who are concerned about their use of substances and its negative impact on their lives. Michelle understands that addiction thrives in secrecy and isolation. Reaching out for help is imperative, and Michelle offers a safe, supportive, nurturing environment to each client seeking recovery.

Michelle understands that addiction is a complex problem: impacting each person through their core beliefs, underlying anxiety or depressive issues, trauma experiences, and/or current life stressors. By utilizing research supported theories: CBT, DBT, and client-centered therapy among them, Michelle assists the client in gaining a clearer understanding of his/her own life experiences and helps the client grown in self awareness. This process of gaining insight around the contributing factors to the addictive process can prove to be very effective in gaining acceptance of one’s self and facilitating healing and personal growth.

Collaborating with her client, together they set a course of action designed to help the client identify his/her triggers. Empowering the client through a learned set of skills, urges can be successfully managed, and new healthy lifestyle changes and routines can be implemented.